Fossil milk


  1. Natural gas doesn’t emit as much CO2 as coal. Looks like it’s LPG 142 vs lignite 235.

    Do we know how much of Fonterra’s milk is dried with electricity? Probably safe to assume “very little”.

    From your quote, we know Fonterra (before the Te Awamutu plant change) uses 840,000 tonnes of coal, equivalent emissions to 320,000 cars.

    Fonterra says 40% of processing energy is from coal

    If 60% of Fonterra’s milk drying is from gas, and gas emits 60% of the CO2 of coal, then the gas burners emit as much CO2 as 288,000 cars.

    Which coincidentally is the number of cars’ emissions of Fonterra’s coal after Te Awamutu changes to wood pellets.

    So Fonterra currently emits as much as 608,000 cars, and after Te Awamutu changes over the figure will be 576,000 cars.

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