Stealth Vegan

Tēna koe, nau hoki mai ki taku kōnae kōrero – te taunga o te oranga ngākau.

The arguments around livestock and plant based foods are endless. While the vegan lifestyle was traditionally about the ethics of exploiting animals for food many are now coming to a
plant based diet for other reasons. The emissions and biodiveristy loss associated with large scale livestock farming appear to have a simple solution: just don’t use it.

You can put the facts and figures in front of people all day – the fact is a very small number are swayed by this stuff and, creatures of habit that we are, we just carry on doing what we
know and hope that things will work themselves out.

There is a third way: you take people into the future with such subtlety that they didn’t even know it was happening. While in Taranaki recently my mum took me to a cafe in Oakura,
and there I met Barbera Olsen-Henderson: stealth vegan.

This episode was recorded in Oakura, Taranaki. Next episode will be with Howie Harris, recorded in Parihaka, Taranaki. In the light of the rise in non violent direct action around the
world we’ll be talking about the seeds that were by Te Whiti o Rongomai and Tohu Kåkahi in the 1880s.

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