Release your Kraken! Dr Sea.

Dr Sea just released this video too –

At 19 years of age an Austrian left home to start her life underwater.

Her name is Dr Sea. It never occurred to ask who chose that name and when. It seems more likely that it chose her.

Not sure who the next episode will be with, but I’m going to try to make these a little more often. There’s a lot going on.
Its seems like this is finally becoming real to us.

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  1. A really powerful interview with a wonderfully strong, determined scientist and realist. Sea clearly explained so many of the critical issues that loom ever larger over humanity and our biosphere, and the fact that we are the drivers, some of us more than others, thinking of that over-privileged 1% (or actually 0.01 %), notably the carbon majors and their shareholders, and mates in government and the mass media. The sooner ecocide is recognized as a criminal offense, along with its aiding and abetting, and these companies are prosecuted for their premeditated climate crimes, the better. Where do we find the $ to start to turn this around? We need look no further than those companies and their shareholders. And while we’re at it, finally put a fair price on carbon pollution and stop the perverse subsidies to the polluters.

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