Down in the hole: the Coal Action Network Aotearoa

Tim Jones of CANA joined us for a chat about the state of coal in NZ. There’s more than you think and there are more mines in the plans.

Here are some moments from the talk. Use these timestamps to find them:

5:10 What is CANA? A bit about the end of Solid Energy.
8:20 Some of the things that prevent a mining project from going ahead.
9:10 The aims of CANA
9:50 CANA’s aims and its relationship to other organisations.
11:30 Coal as the leader of subset technologies.
12:50 The different types of coal.
13:40 Dairy and Coal.
16:00 Steel and Coal
17:50 Conservation Land and the picture since the 2017 election.
19:30 The Te Kuha coal mine.
21:55 The Nuclear Free Moment.
24:20 Personal action and Collective actin.
25:50 Putting a price on Carbon, recalculations, real costs and finding alternatives.
27:50 A bit more on the Nuclear free moment.
29:50 Understanding the global emergency.
32:10 The disarming calm of climate scientists.
34:00 Exxon and sowing seeds of doubt.
35:40 Mainstream Media presenting climate as two equal discussions
36:50 Younger people getting involved in activism
37:20 Climate Voter initiative
38:20 Generation Zero
38:55 Bipartisan support for a climate commission
40:30 The climate denier fade-away
43:00 Generational differences
44:00 Incandescent light bulbs and Brexit
44:50 National – Farmers doing politics.
46:00 1972 election
46:47 Sense of identity
50:12 Coal and jobs
51:00 NZFirst – regional development
53:00 Zero Carbon Act, manifestos an dgetting two sides talking.
Tying together multiple groups and activities
57:00 Rethinking two revolutions
60:48 The number of cows and our dependence on a single industry. The economics of increasing stocking levels.
1:04:30 ECan. Seven Rivers Walking.
1:06:40 Synthetic milk.
1:10:10 Sefton Derby’s book ‘The ground between’
1:13:30 Expecting guidelines from the government and not getting them. The coal industries’ path to consent.
1:20:40 Visiting the industry
1:22:15 What a resource hearing actually looks like
1:27:10 The current global emergency.
1:31:10 Last questions – what will it take to stop us from burning coal
1:35:25 Changing boilers and the climate change exemption in the RMA
1:38:10 Who and what in government is currently working on this
1:41:05 Lobby groups and getting a mandate

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