It’s still a joke to you.


You can’t tell me no one has tried to explain this to you. You can’t tell me its any different for the members of your cabinet. I have tried and tried to understand you and yours. But it’s still a joke to you.

The deaths will keep coming. The homes will be destroyed. The crops will collapse and the fires will burn. The same way they are now but worse. The wars will come. They just will. The refugees will come knocking. As for the jokes, well they may just keep coming too.

Who are you going to blame? You are only answering to the voters, and they don’t know any better? It was your job to tell them. It was your job to pass the terrible news on. People were right to assume that if you didn’t care, if the appointees with the words ‘environment’, ‘energy’, ‘transport’, ‘primary industries’, ‘agriculture’ and (God help us) ‘climate’ in their job titles didn’t care, then surely it was under control. Things were being managed. We were on track.

Listen to a climate scientist for ten minutes. Ten thoughtful, attentive, respectful minutes and let them catch you up on the news four million people are trusting you to understand. Lose some sleep over this, even if its for the first time in your life.

You are deeply unfortunate. Any other time in human history, you could get a pass. You’re getting a pass now. You really don’t deserve it, it won’t last and you will be remembered. The climate has started to collapse, and this collapse will rage on for all generations to come.

In India 60,000 farmers have committed suicide as a result of continuous crop failure. In Britain supermarkets are already rationing sales of vegetables. In August 2017 alone we saw Harvey and Irma, unprecedented floods in Bangladesh, India, Sierra Leone and Nepal, wildfires in California and Australia, massive crop failures in the High Plains. Every article affects surprise – ‘freak weather’, ‘one in one thousand years’, etc.

But the scientists predicted this and they were right. They were telling you when that tractor first appeared and it’s still a joke to you.

If you lose this election you’ll be glad for it later. Someone else will be at the helm when the penny finally drops.

I’ll do my best to ensure you’re not forgotten though. It’ll help to pass the time. We can look back and laugh together.



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