Sarah sues the government. An NZ view on climate change and the Paris accord (New Zealand)

Finally – the talk with Sarah Thomson in Auckland. We talk about floods and denial and curious fact the NZ does not have a constitution. I’ll try and catch up with Sarah briefly in the next episode. Remember this conversation happened early in August. With from statements about denial during floods to the need for a constitution, it all seems eerily prescient.

Thanks again to Sarah. Every day I discover someone else working hard to turn this mess around. I’m excited about getting to talk with them.




    1. You’re right. I had an old number. Someone else picked that up too. So, more like six weeks. Of course the rate of change is more important than the current number too. Still, the sheer volume of cars up there is daunting. In Wellington you see a lot more about the place and it’s common to run into another one at the charger. Up there, not so much. We were only there a week to be fair but used them all the time – greenlane and Hobson Street.

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